Win Over Your Candida Yeast Infection with the Candida Crusher Diet

Candida CrusherCandida yeast infection is something which has troubled people of all ages and all ethnicities. Medical professionals have never given this nerve wracking disease the attention it deserves. Maybe that is because Candida yeast infections don’t cause any really serious health conditions that lead to fatalities.

Only a Candida sufferer can understand!

But the truth is that people with a Candida yeast infection are slow and silent sufferers whose life becomes so miserable that those poor people are living a life which is no less than death for them. Only a Candida infection sufferer can understand the immense anguish an infected person goes through be it physical or psychological in nature. Don’t worry – the solution to the problem is here. Few years back, a Candida sufferer Dr. Eric Bakker decided that he will end the suffering and give this medical condition its due attention.

Revolutionary Candida Crusher book

Here comes the most remarkable, breakthrough solution by Dr. Erick Bakker in the form of his `Candida Crusher Book’. This doctor, who has devoted his life to the resolution of this disease, has years of experience in treatment of such patients and has written the book in an easily comprehensible manner so that new patients can understand the treatment very easily and cure themselves.

Treatment lies in the Candida Crusher diet

I have realized that the Candida Crusher diet in this book doesn’t contain any quick fix tips or fad diet solutions. In fact I have found this book to be extremely scientific and practical in approach. The book clearly explains how little dietary and lifestyle changes can go a really long way in controlling the dreadful symptoms. The best part is that you would be able to incorporate these dietary changes practically from Day 1 and wouldn’t require any special ingredients. The ease of application is the why this is a great diet.

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First Two weeks on Candida Crusher diet

The first two weeks of the Candida Crusher diet is emphasized by Dr. Erick Bakker due to the reason that when the diet changes for the good, then the Candida yeast tries to go into `protection and survival mode’ for itself and your food selections have to be chosen carefully. The doctor has clearly pointed out that the biggest culprit to aggravate symptoms is sugar and anything fermented. You should not only cut down the external sugars found in cakes, biscuits and more but also the ones that we get from our regular diet like sugary sweet potatoes and bananas. The best part that your taste buds will like is that you can eat these foods again after the first two weeks in calculated amounts.

Structure of Candida Crusher diet

The diet accommodates vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. If you experience a weight loss of those extra pounds then you will owe it to Candida Crusher diet because it eliminates all the junk food including aerated beverages and alcohol so that you will get a glowing and fit body in addition to curing yeast infection. Fruits should be avoided due to their fructose level while on the Candida Crusher diet and eating a variety of food is preferred. In fact, there are so many delicious recipes included in this book.

Moderately suffering from this Candida yeast infection, I experienced that my anxiety and depression bouts were controlled in a single week with the Candida Crusher diet. After three weeks, my face and body acne have been minimized too. It’s a diet worth trying for every unfortunate sufferer.order


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